Robert Snow
Creative Director, Writer, Brand Strategist

Early in his career, Robert found he had an affinity for B2B advertising, specifically within the high technology industry, and he’s been creating it ever since.

Over the years, Robert has created marketing communications in all media (print, broadcast and digital) for dozens of technology companies, including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, CA Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Dell. Much of his work has been used in markets worldwide and has garnered awards for creativity and market results.

He’s also done his fair share of work for financial services, real estate, insurance, telecommunications, and automotive companies, including American Express, CBRE, Zurich Insurance, CenturyLink, and Jaguar.

His approach: accountable marketing communications. Robert believes that whether it’s an ad or email invitation, a blog post or a tweet, every communication must be aligned to clear business objectives and have measurable, meaningful business results. Taking a page from his ‘long copy’ direct marketing roots, Robert’s focus these days is on developing content, sales enablement and demand generation programs, primarily for technology clients.

Robert has held senior creative leadership positions at a number of global agencies, including Ogilvy, FCB, Wunderman and Y&RVML in Toronto, Seattle, and New York. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Abigail, a book editor specializing in illustrated publications.

Robert’s résumé: View PDF