Good Words:

“Bob has been invaluable during our extreme makeover. We have struggled for years to articulate our value proposition. Bob led us on a journey of discovery through our customers’ eyes, creating not only a message but an identity. The result resonated with our customers immediately. Over the last 25 years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best, but clearly this was the most rewarding and effective marketing initiative I have been involved with.”
Len Adams
Managing Partner
Weave Corp.

“Bob Snow brings a unique ability to generate strategically sound creative that consistently resonates with target audiences. His control of prose is top-notch, and he succeeds in communicating marketing promises without resorting to hyperbole or arousing skepticism because of his careful incorporation of straightforward copy and writing from the perspective of the target audience. In addition, Bob’s willingness to work collaboratively with people across disciplines makes working with him a delight. He listens, he strategizes and he empathizes while suggesting creative ideas in a non-egotistical manner.”
Blake Park
Vice President, Online Marketing
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“Ok, so I have this list of people I'd like to have with me for every pitch and campaign. You know, kinda like fantasy baseball team, but this is for advertising... Bob is my first-round draft pick. He's got the top spot because, first, he's smart about audiences. We worked on campaigns focused on technical audiences (which are very difficult to crack). He truly understands these guys, their disdain for marketing glam, and their inquisitive nature. He was able to translate that insight into really great creative.

“He's on the list, too, because he understands the practical and political realities of working in a global context, and how to stretch creative ideas so the work in Mumbai and Memphis. This means collaborating with agency types from all over the world with different perspectives on the problem. The other reason for his inclusion on my list is his calm demeanor amid the total chaos that accompanies launching a global campaign. Tight deadline, crazy deliverables? No problem – got it all right here.

“Best of all, he is a collaborator with all stakeholders in the creative process ¬¬– not just black-t-shirt-wearing creative types, but all comers who have strong ideas to share and an agenda to do the best work.”
Frank Jurden
Group Planning Director

“Bob is one of the finest creative directors I’ve ever worked with… I’ve always admired Bob’s ability to create simple, focused, astounding creative ideas. Without a doubt Bob’s skills and work have made it clear to me why he has always earned his clients’ and teams’ trust. He listens before he talks, deep dives for insights, and doesn’t stop until it’s just right. He bleeds creative ideas under tight timelines and has an incredibly sharp and agile mind.”
Ari Skapinker
Marketing Operations Manager

“Bob is one of the few creatives that truly understands how to develop engaging creative concepts for IT products. He has the rare capability to convey difficult concepts in an understandable fashion, doesn’t hide behind marketing slang and makes the ideas matter to the audience.”
Yvonne Eiseman
Management Supervisor

“Bob epitomizes the creative philosophy as set down by David Ogilvy – great consumer insights and big ideas come from doing your homework – thoroughly.”
Guy Stevenson
Managing Director
OgilyOne, Toronto

“Bob is probably Canada’s pre-eminent technology creative go-to guy. Even the most arcane of subject comes to life with Bob’s nimble touch.”
Pete McLeod
Creative Group Head

“Bob Snow is one of those writers that can take technology speak-filled, jargon-rich tech briefs and find the insight and strategy to not only bring them to life outside of the lab, but find ways to make them engaging and memorable to the target, an audience that often includes smart, BS-proof industry leaders. No easy feat. Simply put, Bob puts the B in B2B. He can get your attention, understands your market, and can build effective campaigns that are simple enough to resonate globally and specific enough to drive the results locally. Bob gets it quickly, and as an art director partner, the two of us have produced some of my most favourite and effective campaigns while working at Wunderman.”
Stephan Schmelzer
Creative Group Head

“We operate in a fairly conservative, traditional corner of the Japanese flooring market. Bob’s ideas for our marketing communications brought methods and concepts previously untried in this segment. As a result, inquiries and general interest in our products has risen and our web site is now performing beyond expectations in terms of demand pull from the coordinated DM campaign Bob helped us execute.”

Eric De Groot
Country Manager
Forbo Flooring Japan

“If you have a complicated story to tell, a techno-speak product that needs to be explained in consumer language, an assignment constrained by tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, or a project that requires a Ph.D to understand it, then Bob Snow is your man. Look up the definition of ‘smart’ in the dictionary and you’ll probably see this creative guy’s face right beside it.”
Michael J. McGovern
Executive Creative Director
Spider Marketing Solutions