Robert oversees the creative strategy and development for marketing communications programs, taking them from strategy to concept to completion. He partners with art directors, writers, digital and print designers, production artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, coders, TV and radio producers, directors, casting agents, stylists, set designers, and music composers.

A copywriter by trade, Robert is called upon often to write for just about every medium, from digital (web sites, banners, and emails), to advertising (print and broadcast), to direct response television, sales promotions, presentations and collateral… even investor relations materials. Copywriting is what he has done most, and what he still most likes to do.

Robert has created a rigorous brand development process for clients seeking to newly position themselves in their respective markets. Working collaboratively with clients in a series of brainstorming sessions and interviews, Robert uncovers the insights that help define a unique brand voice for his clients.

Many of Robert’s clients have taken advantage of his experience in marketing communications strategy and brand stewardship. Over the years, he has developed numerous marketing communications plans, brand strategy documents, and creative guidance documents for global advertising campaigns.